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Who is Dr. Moondog?

Moondog was born in a Lincoln Log™ cabin in Wonderbread, Kansas in 1962. At age 17, he left the heartland for the bright lights of Nashville, where he got a job working in the Rhinestone mines.

As the result of publicity he received for jumping off the Shelby Street Bridge one evening in 1984, he was elected to two terms as Mayor of Elliston Place. His political career ended abruptly in 1991 when he was forced to flee the country amid allegations that he had shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

Moondog spent the next 10 years in hiding on the island of Madasgar. During this time he studied Theology, Metaphysics, and Origami, earning a Doctor of Divinity degree from the Univeral Life Church, whereupon he offically became "Dr. Moondog".

In 2001 Dr. Moondog quietly returned to the Unted States disguised as a Dutch tulip importer on the Norweigain cargo ship Hüsker Dü. Later that same year, he wrote a series of essays on "The American Condition" which became the first incarnation of Moondog Free Press.

Of course, 99% of what you just read is completely made up, but at Moondog Free Press we don't believe in letting facts get in the way of a good story.

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